Wireless Internet

Secure Wireless Services for Your Business

In today’s time, connecting to the internet is vital for any business to prosper. You might think that commercial wireless routers are enough to help you with this. But, they are not. Store-bought routers are simply not designed for office use. For one, they can’t handle the traffic your business demands. Secondly, and more importantly, they are not equipped with the security you need to keep your activities and transactions safe.

What you need is a secure and complete wireless internet system from Computer Screen Investigators. We will implement a uniform wireless internet strategy for your business that reaches everyone inside your office, regardless of their location. With us, rest assured that all your users have access to the internet as well as your intranet.

Choosing the Right Wireless Solution

There are many WiFi companies and IT service providers that can tell you what you want to hear – that installing and implementing a wireless system is easy and simple. However, that’s not the case. Before you can start with a wireless solution for your business, there are a few factors you should first consider. But don’t worry. To help you understand better, we are here to walk you through each factor.

Size of your workplace

Does your office comprise of small rooms? Are you occupying an entire floor, building, or perhaps a whole city block? Of course, you want a wireless access point that covers the size of your workplace. Since a single router can’t handle that, finding a solution for such a wide space can be difficult. Also, when routers are within range of one another, they tend to conflict with each other. This is exactly why you need professionals to handle the setup process.

Here at Computer Screen Investigators, we are well-knowledgeable about the technicalities of setting up a wireless internet system that covers your entire office space. We also know the proper wiring and router specifications. All our technicians are educated and trained to immediately determine the type of routing solution that best fits you. With us, you can guarantee a wireless network that meets your requirements as well as the unique demands of your business.

Number of users

Routers mirror only a certain amount of bandwidth. This directly controls the speed of your service. So naturally, the more users are connected to a specific router, the more available bandwidth is consumed. As a result, your productivity and efficiency are greatly affected. It can even interrupt your connection completely.

Here’s where we come in. We will help you understand the limitations of your routers and provide you with an optimized router deployment plan that will give your users consistent access to the internet whenever and wherever they are in your office.

Security Level

Many threats can put all your devices as well as your office’s data infrastructure in danger. Viruses and malware can easily infiltrate an unsecured network, spreading their infection by the second. This is the reason why you should ensure the highest level of security on your wireless networks. And we can provide you that.

Our wireless services apply the industry’s best practices in keeping your networks safe. And our expert technicians can educate your staff about them as well. With us, you will never have to rely on the default firewall protection from your devices – which are susceptible to threats. You can count on us to protect your network, your data, and your business.

Ensure Productivity and Efficiency with our Wireless Services Today

Let us help grow your business and incorporate a wireless solution that can increase productivity and efficiency in your office. Call us today and start securing your network and expanding your connectivity.