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Meet our founder, Nicholas Barraco

Many businesses in Central Florida turn to Computer Screen Investigators to keep their systems up and running. While restaurants are one of our specialties, we have a variety of customers from small offices to printing industries as well as property management companies.

As an 8 year old, founder Nicholas Barraco took apart his first computer sparking an interest in IT. In high school, he decided to try to put that computer back together. He visited the library during lunch and began study to take the test Comp TA Certification. He passed the test before he was a senior in high school.

Right out of high school, Barraco worked the small business division of Seimens on the help desk taking 90 calls a day but the job just didn’t give him a sense of accomplishment. He quickly realized he could do just as well as an entrepreneur and started Computer Screen Investigators in 2009. Originally, the company was a niche business replacing broken laptop computer screens with same day service. This business venture paid for his college education.

A few years later, his father opened a pizzeria business in Cape Coral where he built the computer system. Since the restaurant took credit cards, Barraco became an expert resource on ensuring clients were PCI compliant. He had earned the certification for PCI Qualified Integrator and Reseller.

Barraco is knowledgeable and still passionate about his work; he cares about getting it right for his customers, and continues to learn and grow in his industry. He loves to sit with customers and see what struggles they are having with their business so he can find solutions for them.

He loves to fish and enjoy time in his off shore rig, often taking friends out for their first time fishing.

We have IT solutions that can fit any business including Restaurants, Retail, Small Business, and Medium Enterprises.

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