Wireless Internet

Your Competitors Offer It. Your Customers Demand It.

Feel secure and protected when Computer Screen Investigators sets up your wireless access, because we are a PCI qualified integrator.

We have the coverage and expertise to get it done right the first time for anything from retail, restaurants and small office networks, to warehouse environments, building-to-building campus environments and enterprise-class installations.

We can install a POS firewall system that has redundant internet cellular back up so you’ll always be up and running.

In addition we provide multiple access points to recover from a failure or intrusion.

wireless internet css investigators

Here’s a CSI story that’s a good example of why you should consider a partnership with us:

Nicholas Barraco, founder of CSI recently went to a restaurant where “open” Wi-Fi was available. Using special software on his laptop Nick was able to scan the network and see the traffic on the Wi-Fi. He discovered that their point of sale (POS) system was on the same wireless system that they were letting their customers’ access. This is against PCI Compliance rules and it certainly presented a high risk for the restaurant.

The owner met with Nick and he devised a plan to separate the networks with a security appliance. The customer Wi-Fi was secure and customers in the restaurant couldn’t hack each other’s data. The POS was on another system and the owner didn’t have to worry about a credit card breach, which would have cost the owner thousands.

CSI was able to create a guest Wi-Fi, which was able to take down some of the restaurant’s customer information. For example if they signed in with their LinkedIn or Facebook, the information was captured and the marketing coordinator was able to later create targeted ads to those customers. When the customers returned and signed in again, a marketing trend was developed from the data.

If this scenario applies to you or someone you know, give us a call. We are happy to evaluate your system at no charge to identify your security risks.

We have IT solutions that can fit any business including Restaurants, Retail, Small Business, and Medium Enterprises.

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