Phone Systems

If you haven’t considered a Voice Over IP system before consider this, a VOIP system:

Computer Screen Investigators is manufactured certified and offers preferred VOIP systems like Sangoma and Grandstream.

phone systems

Read this CSI story to better understand the benefits of a VOIP system:

A pizzeria was paying $600 a month for a traditional business line. Computer Screen Investigators recommended a Voice Over IP system with lots of features to meet the elasticity of their needs. CSI can adjust their phone lines with call concurrency bursting which the callers would never experience a busy signal. It only takes a few minutes to reconfigure. CSI’s recommendations gave the customer music on hold, call recording and IVR which allowed them to put voice recordings over their greeting. The most important benefit was their monthly phone bill went down to $100, this saved them $6000 over a years’ time.

Another way that CSI helped was during a past hurricane when regular phone lines went down. CSI offers VOIP system in the cloud, where their phone number could be forwarded to the cloud. This allowed the employees cellphones to be set up in a round robin system thereby allowing business to continue.

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We have IT solutions that can fit any business including Restaurants, Retail, Small Business, and Medium Enterprises.

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