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Complete Infrastructure & Network Security Solutions.

Threats to your security system can come from outside your company as well as inside. From a disgruntled employee to an outside hacker with a ransom ware demand; you need to be protected. We have a certified ethical hacker on our team who can identify how the bad guys can get into your system. For the discontented employee, we make sure you have the right backup system installed.

Some of the other threats we can protect you from are common viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware, adware and general hacker attacks.

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To help you visualize the danger of not having good network security read this CSI Story:

An employee does an innocent thing; plugging their cell phone into their computer to charge their phone. The employee didn’t realize that his phone had been hacked and malicious software had been installed. When he plugged the cellphone into the computer, the software went into the network and started attacking the files and the result was the loss of the customer’s data.

CSI was able to lockdown the USB ports on the computers to prevent another similar attack in the future. CSI also got an electrician to come in and install USB ports that went directly to the power source so employees could still charge their cellphones. CSI offers a free analysis of your network security, give them a call today to set up your analysis.

We have IT solutions that can fit any business including Restaurants, Retail, Small Business, and Medium Enterprises.

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